Vajazzling takes Miami

In news your grandfather would balk at, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt recently revealed on Lopez Tonight that her nether-region “shines like a disco ball” thanks to a swath of crystals that have been shellacked to her mons pubis for weeks to come. The trend is termed “vajazzling,” a combo of “vajayjay” and “bedazzling,” and it’s the cat’s meow (no pun intended) among bourgeois NYC-folk with money to burn (or rip, pluck and bejewel).

Black Book Magazine sent Bryce Gruber, New York socialite, CEO, mother, and willing glittery mound model, to Completely Bare Spa for a video walk-through of the tedious process. During the application, an aesthetician individually glues each tiny crystal, creating an intricate, glittering road map of sorts that exclaims “Behold! Here is my vagina. No, a little lower.”

Though NYC’s less humid climate is more forgiving to pliable genital adhesives, vajazzling has found its way to Miami Beach’s waxing mecca, Glamour by J’s, where they’ll make your crotch outshine the Versace mansion. “It’s still very new here. The only reason we’re so up-to-date is our association with J. Sisters Spa/Salon in New York,” explained spa manager Michael Jones. “We get clients from all over the world, and a lot of New Yorkers, so that’s how we hear about the trends.”

Jones said that the adhesive used is similar to the medical-grade glue used for hair extensions. The jewels stay on for about two to three weeks, depending on how often the wearer showers or swims. Pricing varies, based on the amount of time it takes to apply the design, but vajazzlers can expect to pay $50 to $300 on top of the cost of a wax.

So far, design requests at the spa haven’t been too outlandish—a heart here, a peace sign there. “We can do almost anything, as long as it can be drawn,” Jones said. So come lady Miamians, bring your customized demands for sparkly privates before this trend is just a faintest triangle of light in our pubic grooming memories.

Glamour by J’s is located at 941 4th Street in South Beach. Call (305) 672-7142 to bling out your muff today.