Trend it Like Beckham

Watch your back, Dwyane Wade. Same goes to you, Pitbull. There’s a new celebrity fashionisto in town and his name is David Beckham. Yes, now that the 38-year-old internationally known soccer star handpicked Miami as the home for his new Major League Soccer club, it’s evident the 305 has been bitten by the Beckham bug. And reasonably so. Blessed with come-hither looks and dapper sartorial sensibilities, there’s no doubt whatsoever that Beckham will be a trendsetting beacon for Miami’s male contingency.

“The larger impact will be on Miami’s unfashionable males. Beckham was the first celebrity metrosexual. He made it cool for straight guys to manscape, use hair product and get a manicure,” Deco Drive Co-Host Louis Aguirre says. “His presence here will no doubt inspire Miami’s stylishly challenged to up their game and pay more attention to the way they look. As we’ve seen the past few days alone, this man will be photographed a lot. His image will be everywhere — on TV, online, on social media, on the side of a bus — a lot of gents are going to want to ‘Bend it Like Beckham,’” Aguirre adds.

Stylist Jenny Wilensky Zalkin chimes in, “He has such an effortless chicness to his every day garb that I think Miami men will finally see that T-shirts and flip flops need a big kick in the butt. Just because Miami is hot — it’s no reason not to look put together.”

As for a saunter through his closet, expect lavish labels. Stylist Ria Michelle says,  “When I think of David Beckham, the first words that come into mind are, very sharp, clean and dapper. In terms of labels, I associate him with Tom Ford, Prada, Gucci and YSL.” We’d throw some Brunello Cucinelli in for some good measure, too.

Wardrobe aside, Beckham is no stranger to the fashion cosmos. His wife, Victoria, helms the highbrow fashion label, Victoria Beckham, and the soccer stud is the pretty face behind a spate of major fashion brands. You can spot the soccer Beckham in his skivvies for H&M (swoon!), showing off his sporty side in Adidas, shirtless and in skin-tight Emporio Armani underwear (double swoon). Heck, you can even smell like Beckham compliments of his eponymous fragrance collection. And much to the envy of fashion editors worldwide, Beckham sat right next to Vogue‘s notoriously imperious editor-in-chief Anna Wintour at his spouse’s NYFW runway show where his daughter, Harper, even coaxed the usually stone-faced editor to smile.

In other words, there’s a particular magic to Becks. “He’s just a magnetic kind of guy — the ladies love him, fellas want to be him or his friend. He looked dapper in that charcoal grey suit he wore to last Wednesday’s MLS news conference and was James Bond-esque in the black suit he rocked at the Adrienne Arsht party Tuesday night — but Beckham’s light shines from within. I think Miami is going to pay attention to him, not just his style,” Aguirre adds.

So gents, take note. Major League Soccer begins its 19th season on March 8 and we’ll be seeing a lot more of Beckham and his signature style in the upcoming years: The pompadour hairdo, tattoo sleeves, five o’clock shadow, six-pack abs, skinny ties, crisp white shirts and penchant for tailored Ralph Lauren suits and black beanies.

Simply said, he’s a soccer and fashion game changer. And Miami wins.