Top 2012 Trends

With the New Year on the horizon, we highlight the good, the bad and the ugly trends of 2012:

WHACKY NAIL ART: How did something so tacky become so cool? Suddenly, inexplicably, nail art traveled from the garish fringes to the fashion runways and infiltrated the mainstream, thanks to new kits, stencils, stickers, and special-effects polish. When it came to nail art, the crazier the better!

PEPLUM: You can thank peplum’s waist-whittling effect for making 2012’s top trend list. The flattering silhouette could be found in basic black to floral prints in the form of dresses and tops.

HEAD-TO-TOE PRINTS: Matching prints took center stage on the red carpet and catwalks alike. Call it “granny chic” or “channeling a sofa from the ’70s,” head-to-toe prints were as omnipresent as Lindsay Lohan on TMZ.

WEDGE SNEAKERS: Love-it-or-hate-it, Isabel Marant wowed the A-list set with the $690 Bekket leather and suede sneaker with built-in wedge sole. Now every shoe label from Steve Madden to Forever 21 is copy-cating the obiquitous trend.

SKULLS & SPIKES: Now here was a trend the Grim Reaper would approve of — skulls, crossbones, spikes and studs galore. Macabre symbols of death adorned everything from jeans to jewelry. The end result? Drop-dead gorgeous.

LEATHER: Fashionistas added a major dose of edge to any outfit with a sliver of leather. From leggings, to jackets to gloves — slick, shiny leather upped the fashion stakes every single wear.

OXBLOOD: 2012 made them see red — oxblood red, that is. The sanguine hue took over the catwalks and streets — a burst of burgundy on blouses, pants, dresses and accessories proved to be the season’s IT color.

QUESTIONABLY COLORED HAIR: Blame Kelly Osbourne or Christina Aguilera but offbeat colored hair was totally in for 2012. Tresses dyed purple, pink and blue à la Katy Perry were touted as cool.

What was your favorite trend from  2012 or what are we missing from our list? Dish…