This orchestra made a symphony using the sounds of Miami. It better include these.

The New World Center on Miami Beach held its first Wallscape Concert, reprising the opening night performance by the New World Symphony. Photo: Tomas Loewy

New World Symphony composed a symphony starring the sounds of Miami. Nearly a year after crowdsourcing sounds from locals, the project is ready to be heard by the city that acted as muse. Project 305, a collaboration between New World Symphony, the Knight Foundation, MIT Media Lab and Miami-Dade County, will culminate this Saturday in a performance of the work, composed by Ted Hearne and accompanied by a film by Jonathan David Kane.

NWS Artistic Director Michael Tilson Thomas will conduct the orchestra in the six movement piece, which is entitled “Miami in Movements.”  The first half of the concert will feature performances by Miami-based musical ensembles, a Brazilian drumming ensemble and a gospel choir.

But will the work truly capture the sound of Miami? Well, for it to really work, it must include the following sounds:

The sound of traffic on the Palmetto

We anticipate a sweet medley of honking horns to blend perfectly with a percussion solo. Blending with revving of loud BMWs, cursing drivers and the jerks zooming past you on the right side.

Someone screaming "OYE"

This expression is generally followed by a complaint. No, that’s not true. Sometimes people say, “Oye, you are wearing the hell out of that dress!”

Dominoes sliding across a table

This was an easy call. The sound is both melodic and therapeutic.

The sound of a frother

What is more Miami than the sound of the lady in the ventanita heating up the milk for your cortadito?

Pots banging

Miami pulled out the cooking pots when Castro died and when the Miami Heat won those Championships. It’s just the sound of unbridled joy in the streets.


For those who live in the downtown areas, the banging of hammers and the sounds of tools are part of the daily symphony.

Leaf blowers

And for those who live in the suburbs, this sound is ubiquitous.

Waves on the ocean

The best sound ever.

Oontz Oontz

The noise that comes from the downtown clubs. Inescapable.

Pitbull saying DALE/Rick Ross saying BOSS

Both of these calls are almost like prayers for Miami locals.


What: Miami in Movements

When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: New World Center, 500 17th St., Miami Beach

Cost: The event is sold out, but watch it for free projected onto the 7,000-square foot front wall of the New World Center in the adjacent SoundScape Park. To watch the concert on Facebook Live, follow the New World Symphony on Facebook at