These buff athletes show us how to use the new equipment at Muscle Beach

There's new equipment at Lummus Park, and you can work out on it - if you dare.City of Miami Beach

Muscle Beach is looking good these days.

The Ninth Street fitness area at Lummus Park on Ocean Drive just got a makeover. The public park showed off its new look the best way it knows how: with a bunch of ripped guys (and a few women) who will trigger your fears of inadequacy and send you racing to the nearest gym (or the nearest bakery, depending on how you prefer to self-medicate)

See what I mean here with this gentleman, who kind of reminds us of a less angry Khal Drogo:

Here’s the deal: The City of Miami Beach collaborated with Metalco Active to upgrade the wellness circuit with two nature-inspired installations: MyEquilibria’s “Leopard Tree” and “MyBeast.”

Together, the structures offer more than 30 ways to work your body – and there’s no gym membership.  Download the Equilibria app for tutorials on your phone to learn how to use the structures.

Or maybe you can get some ideas from these guys:

Or her:

The workouts combine exercises from yoga, gymnastics and calisthenics and are doable for all skill levels, or so Metalco promises.

“We designed MyEquilibria to complement the outdoors, not overpower the environment,” Metalco Active Founder and CEO Gian Luca Innocenzi said. “Our mission is to create something not just beautiful but useful, socail and with a strong impact on the community.”

So get out there and sweat. Or just take Instagram photos of everybody else sweating and go back to your donuts. No judgment.

Call us when you can do this.City of Miami Beach

Lummus Park

9th STreet and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach