Spa fancy: Uhma Spa

Debora Almeida owner of Uhma spa gives a shower massage to Leslie Abraham. Photo: Alexia Fodere.

The lowdown: Brazilians Marco and Deborah Almeida are environmentalists whose enchanting spa stands in strict accordance with their principles: reliance on local resources, recyclable materials, organic everything and leaving behind as small a carbon footprint as possible. Uhma has three treatment rooms, showers, whirlpool, pedicure/manicure room with natural light and delightful gift shop with handcrafted luxe items. There’s also a cocoon-like lounge with tree stumps (reclaimed from the ocean, of course), a wall of moss, floors of bamboo and stones and panels of American walnut. Plants get used bath water. Even old ceiling panels — pre-remodel — have found a home other than a landfill: “We chopped it and put it inside the walls for thermo-insulation,” Marco Almeida said.

The vibe: Meditative, forest-like, welcoming, architectural.

The highlights: Massage here is taken very seriously; there’s Thai, shiatsu, hot stones, hot shells and more. One of the most popular is the Tian Di bamboo massage, incorporating warm sticks and deep pressure to promote healing and alleviate toxins, $120 for 60 minutes. A rich body mask and wrap uses minerals and vitamins, $120 for 60 minutes. There’s also water therapy and Jurlique facials.

Uhma Spa & Shop, 726 Sixth St., Miami Beach; 305-695-0996

Published: 6/08