Shenandoah Guide: Hidden gems along Coral Way

Coral Way is a very long street that on the eastern end begins around 12th Avenue and stretches all the way past Westchester and off to the swampland. Next time you’re traveling along the giant, picturesque canopy of trees, take a closer look. Especially between SW 12th Avenue and 32nd Avenue, an area that straddles the Shenandoah neighborhood and the blocks leading up to Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Nestled between the small apartment buildings, condos and offices, are a multitude of bars, restaurants, specialty stores and one of Miami’s longest running comedy haunts. Here’s our list of places to check out:


La Boulangerie Boul-Mich

1242 Coral Way, Miami;

Oh so French! The chalkboard design gives this place a very European feel. The selection is great for breakfast or lunch. A great option for either is their hearty yet fluffy and light quiche (try the veggie). The croissants are buttery, orange juice is fresh-squeezed and the low-fat sandwiches are a veggie-lovers paradise. They’ve got full on French-inspired ones too of course.


Neme Gastro Bar

1252 SW 22nd St, Miami,

Not far from La Boulangerie is this live music spot where cocktails, beers and happy hour bites are the main attraction. They had fun devising the cocktail menu here with drinks with names like “A Good Note,” “Monkey Around” and “Mediterranean Strut.” Bottled and draft beer choices include South Florida’s own Funky Buddha, J Wakefield and Wynwood Brewing. Soak up the alcohol with avocado fries, angel eggs or tostones with avocado.

The Mighty Bar

2224 Coral Way, Miami;

This is one of the newest spots along Coral Way but it has made its presence known since early on. Go here when you want hearty stick-to-your-rib fresh sausages which pair well with a craft beer or, depending on how your week is going, one of their “stiff drinks.” They’re serious about their sausages here with six choices on the menu, plus they make their brussels sprouts with prosciutto, garlic and duck fat and have a trio of tasty taco choices. Pick from 11 to a whopping 22 ounces of bottled beers here. Check their site for great Happy Hour specials.

Old Lisbon

1698 Coral Way, Miami;

Serving up Portuguese fare for more than two decades, Old Lisbon is the veteran spot on Coral Way. The owners have been through a lot, suffering a devastating fire and then re-building and re-vamping, making it much larger in the process. The food remains stellar and codfish and seafood dominate the menu although there are plenty of meat dishes as well. If you want a taste of just about everything from the sea in your dish, pick either the feijoada de mariscos or parrihada de mariscos which serves two.

Maria’s Greek Restaurant

2359 Coral Way,

Like Old Lisbon, Maria’s is another Coral Way veteran spot. Maria has been doling out authentic Greek and Mediterranean eats for years. The abundant Greek salad topped with chicken is a refreshing and filling choice. Their pillowy soft pita bread is great with their salty feta cheese. Great too are their dolmades (grape leaves) and the souvlaki or gyro platters or sandwiches are hearty. The creamy pastisio, the Greek’s version of lasagna is ideal for big appetites.


2337 Coral Way, Miami;

Originally in a more northern location, this gourmet chocolate shop has moved just a bit south, closer to that Coral Gables entrance. Take it slow and make sure to look closely because the sign’s hard to see. What is easy to see is the care and dedication they have to creati ng beautiful, premium chocolates here. They are true works of art. Grab a sampling of rich truffles or bite into one of their beautifully decorated dark or white chocolate one-bite beauties.


Antiques & Collectibles by Rick

2282 Coral Way, Miami

Set aside some time to browse this store because the collection of antiques is extensive. Lighting is abundant here, from chandeliers to table lamps along with clocks, candlestick sets, tea sets, glassware, sconces, coat racks, buffet tables, chairs covered in delicate old-world fabrics and plenty of varied furniture pieces. In other words, if you’re looking to antique some part of your home, this is the place to come.

Balance Order Nature 

2100 Coral Way, Miami;

From the name of this place you might confuse it perhaps with a yoga studio or spa but this is actually a furniture store boasting pieces with clean lines and no-fuss design with a purely contemporary feel. If you want to create an eclectic interior space try one of their very streamlined sofas, chairs or benches with accessories from the antique store. Or go full on modern and choose from their table, lighting and storage collection.


 Just the Funny

Just the Funny

Just the Funny

3119 Coral Way, Miami;

The comedy troupe at Just the Funny will have you busting a gut at their Improv and sketch comedy. But be warned, don’t go to this show unless you plan to partake in the hilarity because the cast needs audience suggestions for their Friday and Saturday night shows. Now if you’re not shy and welcome taking the stage by all means hit up their Karaoke Fridays and Saturdays at midnight.

Jada Coles

2845 Coral Way, Miami;

Craft beer and cocktail menus are good here but come too for the open mic and karaoke nights and definitely for the live music. Catch live music sets by different featured artists on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday at 10 pm. And who doesn’t love a daily happy hour where from 4-8 pm where drinks don’t top $5 and on Mondays they’re 2 for 1. If you’re feeling adventurous, step up to the stage on Saturdays for Karaoke, chalk up your cue for free pool on Tuesdays and practice your poker face for the tourney on Mondays.