Pottery, Vases and More in Miami

The lowdown: Pottery packrats will have a field day at recently opened BG Vintage, which is teeming with colored glass, ceramic vases, pitchers, teapots, candlesticks, frames and bowls. The boutique’s bright assortment is hand plucked by Owner Brigitte Grosjean who says, “It’s a gem of a store — guests can pick whatever they like or bring in that special collectable or swatches of the colors you need to match and build your collections around it.”  

The ‘hood: BG Vintage is located in the sought-after Design District next to North Miami Ave.

The ambience: Think cozy and kaleidoscopic. A vintage fireplace and bar houses pottery and glass pieces. “My shop is calming, soothing and very colorful with walls filled with different colored vases to choose from,” Grosjean says.

Highlights: Unearth one-of-a-kind and vintage vases in glass and ceramic by brands such as Lennox, McCoy, Hull, Murano and Wedgwood. “It may take years to find the right vases, colors and textures to put together a collection, but here you will find the right fit,” Grosjean adds.