Our favorite Barbra Streisand quotes from her Miami Herald interview

You can never get enough Barbra. Handout

Barbra Streisand is coming to South Florida for two nights and she is bringing the hits. She will spend the first half of her show walking us through all of the classics, and then Act II will be songs from her latest (and 35th) album “Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway.” She spoke with the Miami Herald about a range of topics (read the story here), from her time working Bee Gee (and Miami Beach resident) Barry Gibbs on the 1980 pop album “Guilty,” to her views on the presidential election. Here are our favorite pearls from Babs. 

On success:

“You know it’s funny. I wrote an article when I was 18 years old being funny, but a bit also is true…It started with ‘Success is like a baked potato. You have to cook it and recook it.’”

On her many changes:

“I hope I’ve changed for the better, less self-conscious or less critical or that kind of thing. I’m ever changing and I hope for the better.”

On why she is glad to finally return to perform in Miami-Dade for the first time since 1963:

“You know why? Because they have Joe’s Stone Crabs there. I go where the good food is.”

On empowering women:

“I sang a song called “Woman in the Moon” [for "A Star Is Born”], not ‘Man.’ Maybe it’s a woman. Who knows?”

On her disappointment at Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss:

“Put it this way: I’m heartbroken, because change for me was to have a woman’s perspective. A woman being president of the United States would show how much we’ve grown.”

On the criticism she received when she produced “Yentl” :

“I had wonderful reviews mostly from men and not from women. I am celebrating all that women could be in this movie — that we could give birth to babies and we could be scholars. I was surprised by the kind of jealousy I encountered or competitiveness. Maybe it starts in high school when the men are learning strategy and teamwork and playing football and basketball and the women are competing for that player.”

On living in the moment: 

“I do feel very grateful for being in the place I am in now.”

Read the full Miami Herald interview here