N&K Designs

When it boils down to the relationship between siblings Adriana (Nani) and Katerina (Kaki) Lopez, there’s no rivalry here. In fact, the Miami-based jewelry-designing duo has managed to successfully create (compliments of Facebook and Twitter nonetheless) their own jewelry line called N&K Designs this summer. We chatted up one-half of the sister act, 25-year-old Nani, on launching the collection, their aesthetic and how social media can be a lucrative tool.

Your sister, Kaki, is your business partner — describe that dynamic. I basically work with my best friend everyday. We’re both very ambitious and share a strong work ethic. We both push each other to better our craft and stay positive no matter what the challenge. We’re slowly building our brand and every day we witness the success of our hard work and it strengthens our relationship even more. 

What are some factors you take into mind when designing jewelry? The quality, materials and intricate methods we use are top-notch but more importantly, we try to keep it affordable as prices start at $10 and up. It’s about connecting with the masses and delivering a product that fits all types of trendsetters. 

Where do you ladies draw inspiration? We get inspired by color, religious symbols, our travels, family, friends and we also look for inspiration on the runway. 

You utilized Facebook and Twitter to advocate your line. Did you ever imagine it would work out so well? No, never! Social media helped us get NK brand and products out there to the masses and allows us to communicate with our clients in real-time. We have thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter, and this is 80 percent of our business!


When in doubt, wear: Black

Miami’s best spa: Lapis

Dying to buy but have to save up the dough: Boat

Dream car: Jeep Wrangler

Always on your TiVo: Modern Family

Most-played artist on your iPod: Juan Luis Guerra