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Title: “Untitled No. 4” by James B. Clover

Medium: Mixed media on archival paper in frame

Size: 30 x 27 

About this piece: The Yeelen Gallery in Little Haiti is hosting the first U.S. solo exhibition by James B. Clover in more than 25 years. The 76-year-old artist, who lives and works in Ecuador, has focused primarily on scultpure and drawing throughout his career. Many of his works can be seen in public sculpture parks in cities across the country alongside sculptures by Alexander Calder. 

Clover says he thinks of his art in terms of music and each piece is deeply rooted in symbolism: 

“I am very interested in American Jazz, in its purest form, iconic, or traditional jazz with a trio. The three instruments consist of a piano, bass, and drums. The piano has an incredible range of sounds. I think of color in the same terms as a piano. Bass is a very strong and bold instrument, which provides support for the piano. When working with black this is what I have in mind. The drums are the beat and the rhythm, which support and hold the piano and bass together. When I think of the drums in my drawings, it’s the structure supporting the melodies.”

See it with your own eyes: James B. Clover’s “Untitled No. 4” in his “Secret Language” solo exhibition at Yeelen Gallery, 294 NW 54th St., Miami. On view during gallery hours 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. or by appointment through Nov. 1. 


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