Meet Miami’s Pocket of Lollipops

Pocket of Lollipops is a posh-punk South Florida outfit made up of husband-wife duo Maitejosune Urrechaga and Tony Kapel. Both visual artists, the couple began experimenting with music as part of an audio visual art installation, eventually collaborating on lyrics and taking up the drums (Kapel) and the bass (Urrechaga) to refine their sound. The couple has been hosting the Cashmere Kitties Music Festival for the past three years, bringing local bands from a broad spectrum of genres and age ranges out of the bars and live music venues in Miami and in front of audiences that may not necessarily have had a reason to mingle. We chat with Tony Kapel before this weekend’s show.

How and when did Pocket of Lollipops start?
Pocket of Lollipop’s first show was back in 2009. It started as sound experience that we did for Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, Florida.

Why the name Pocket of Lollipops?
We always thought it was interesting how a doctor pulls out a lollipop to make you feel better after your visit.

How does Pocket of Lollipops integrate itself with South Florida’s art scene?
We do performances many times for galleries but we also create site specific art pieces that pair up with what we our doing musically. For example, last year for Downtown Art Days we ironed pockets stuffed with random things onto people while we created sounds and chanted.

Where are you guys from?
Maite comes from another planet where they make people like her. She is a giant energy ball all the time. I am a Miami native with all my fingers and toes and then some.

What current projects are you both working on?
Today we just finished making two giants heads for our friends because we are all going to the Arcade Fire aka the Reflektors on Thursday. We have a bunch of new songs but are not planning to record them yet. Maite has an art show in November. Tony has started Houndstooth booking Collective which will allow us to set up more shows for ourselves and other bands, and we are dabbling with the idea of tying in recording opportunities for bands. We have an artist residency In Rhode Island in June 2014; we will be doing some art and musical performances. We have two special videos being released. The one I can tell you about is being released on October 31st. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

How does your marriage tie into the band? Is it beneficial?
For us it is a plus. We communicate well both on projects and our relationship. We understand each other’s schedules so things always seem to fall into place.

From when you first started to now, what has changed as a band in the local music scene? Do you see it advancing?
I see many more venues supporting live music again. I see a mix of generations supporting many bands so the circles are expanding which makes for more interesting crowds

What are the band’s future plans?

We are looking into more art/music residency. We have another tour planned for summer 2014. We have plans to go overseas. We have a coloring book in the making.

What are some things you both like to do in Miami for fun?
Anything as long as we can avoid traffic. We love the beach on any day, or just a good walk in my neighborhood. We love candy stores but just to look at all the pretty colors and shapes of things.