Miami-Dade has a bunch of luxury movie theaters all of a sudden. We have details.

Reserve your seat in these comfy chairs and relax with a mimosa. Oh yeah, and watch a movie.

As we lumber through the long, hot summer, we turn to air conditioning to save us. Movie theaters generally have excellent air conditioning. And here in Miami, we’ve got fancy theaters where you can say goodbye to gross orange nachos and hello to chef-curated appetizers, high-end wine and specialty cocktails. Or at least enjoy a beer.

You can even say adios to other people’s annoying children. For a price, of course.


1. CMX at Brickell City Centre

Better order espresso. These seats are so comfy you might doze off if the movie is slow.Amy Reyes

CMX, the subsidiary of the Mexico City-based Cinemex, the sixth-largest movie theater chain worldwide, is open for business at Brickell City Centre with 10 dine-in theaters with two bars, happy hour specials on weekdays, reclining seats, an app for ordering food and specialty cocktails and what is advertised as “ninja” service (meaning, we hope, that the servers are swift, quiet and unobtrusive, not kicking you in the face and fighting you to the death). There’s a CMX coming to Gulfstream Park in Hallandale at the end of 2018.

Tickets: $21-$25, popcorn included.

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CMX, 701 S. Miami Ave., Miami;

701 S. Miami Ave., Miami

2. Cinebistro, CityPlace Doral


Cuddle up on reclining loveseats for two and sample a menu created by Justin Sherrer, the executive chef of CinéBistro and Doce Provisions restaurant in Little Havana. Want a drink after the show? There’s also a bar and lounge (and a private dining room, too). There is also a location at the Dolphin Mall.

Tickets: $18 for shows after 4 p.m.; $15 for matinees (3D movies are $4 more). No one under 21 will be admitted to the theater during regular screenings, though kids are welcome to daytime showings of family-friendly movies with a parent or guardian.

CityPlace Doral, 3450 NW 83rd Ave., Doral;

3450 NW 83rd Ave., Doral

3. The Landmark at Merrick Park

Did someone say ‘full bar’? Yes. Yes, they did. That oughta improve some of these garbage summer movies.

Know what you can get here at Landmark? You guessed it: Fancy leather chairs, a full bar, concession fare that ventures a bit beyond hot dogs and M&Ms (not that we don’t love M&Ms). There’s also online reserved seating, which means you don’t need to get to the theater 40 minutes early to secure your favorite seat.

Tickets: $12.50 for adults; $10.50 for military members, students, and seniors 62 or older; $9 for kids 12 or younger.

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Landmark at Merrick Park, 358 San Lorenzo Ave., Coral Gables;

358 San Lorenzo Ave., Coral Gables

4. Cinepolis Coconut Grove

Reserve your seat in these comfy chairs and relax with a mimosa. Oh yeah, and watch a movie.

Oh, how we love that reserved online seating! You can get that at Cinepolis in booty-friendly leather rocking seats, as well as beer and wine and what they like to call “expanded gourmet concessions” (meaning items like sriracha barbecued chicken pizza, hummus and pita, ceviche and tacos).

Tickets: $12.50 for adult; $9.50 for kids; $10.50 for seniors.

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Cinepolis Coconut Grove, 3015 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove;

3015 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove