Is this Ricky Martin's boyfriend?

Ricky Martin’s coming out of the closet was really no big surprise for many.

Martin has been rumored to be gay for years, and recently Barbara Walters was quoted as saying her biggest regret as a celebrity interviewer was asking him if he was gay on air. Martin neither confirmed nor denied the rumors to Walters during that interview.

On Monday, March 29, Martin posted on his website – – an eloquent statement acknowledging his sexual orientation: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

Is he blessed with a boyfriend, too? Perez Hilton seems to think so. on Tuesday, March 30, posted a photo of a man with Ricky, asking whether he is the singing star’s boyfriend. Sources in Puerto Rico tell me that Martin does have a partner and they have identified him as Carlos Gonzalez.

The sources indicate Martin and Gonzalez have been together for more than a year and half and Gonzalez is a frequent visitor of Martin’s house in the Dorado, a small town near San Juan. Gonzalez, in his early 30s, has worked as a financial broker and comes from a wealthy family in Guaynabo.

Gonzalez does not deny being gay. Sources describe him as “very masculine and straight acting.”