Invader premieres film Art4Space during Art Basel

The elusive street artist Space Invader spent part of the summer sneaking around Miami and Miami Beach throwing up his trademark mosaics, quirky Pac-Man, Space Invader and other 1970s video game heroes and villains. The invasion brought with it 25 different mosaics, ranging from cute and dainty little squares on a random apartment building on 15th and Collins to larger pieces at more complicated targets like the back of the Children’s Museum and the Gusman Center downtown.

Space Invader also took the time to tag a less obvious target with his brand of street art: space. During his stay in South Florida, the French artist, who shuns the camera (unless covered head to toe like an astronaut), sent one of one of his mosaics into space. The piece, called Space One, was launched from the Everglades on a device the artist designed himself using a weather balloon and with a camera recording the ascension.

To present the 45 minute documentary Art4Space that chronicles the launch, Invader and the Jonathan Levine Gallery enlisted the help of the Miami Inernational Film Festival to host a private screening on Thursday, Dec. 6. The event will bring together MIFF members, street art enthusiasts and VIPs in town for the Basel madness. Attendees will also get the inside scoop on all of Invaders local exploits. Says Miami International Film Festival Brand Manager Rachel Bleemer, “At the event they will be giving out maps to all of the different places where you can find the mosaics that he placed around Miami.”

Not invited? Not to worry. Bleemer assures there will be other chances to see the video during Art Week. “The film will be screening at Pulse Art Fair, though it won’t have sound, but it will be there as well as other work.”