Have you spotted the secret mural at Wynwood Walls? Here’s how to see it

You need to be up high to see this secret work.

There’s a secret mural at Wynwood Walls. And we’re betting you haven’t seen it yet.

There’s a good reason for that: This work of art is not exactly in the easiest place to get to. Some genius decided to paint it on top of the Goldman Global Arts Gallery.

Actually, a genius did create the work. Internationally praised urban artist Fin DAC painted the mural of a woman in a bathtub. Goldman Properties and Goldman Global Arts commissioned the work.

It’s the 13th new mural unveiled at Wynwood Walls, at 2520 NW Second Ave. in Miami, in the past couple of months. Twelve other murals were unveiled in December for Miami’s busy Art Week.

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So what’s the best way to see it? Plan a trip out of town. When your plane takes off from Miami International Airport, look down.

It would be nice, though, Goldman Global, if you could figure out a way we could see it for slightly less than the price of plane fare. Think on it, will you?

See that speck in the middle? That’s artist Fin DAC standing on his creation.