Forget the Museum of Ice Cream. We have found your next obsession, Miami


It’s not pastel or candy colored like the Museum of Ice Cream (which closed in the spring). It doesn’t involve giant ice cream cones or a banana swing or a pool of environmentally questionable fake sprinkles.

But the one-of-a-kind Artechhouse just may become your new obsession anyway.

The interactive digital art installation and prime selfie spot – which opens on Nov. 15, in plenty of time to draw Miami Art Week crowds – wowed crowds when it opened in Washington, D.C. Will it make people crazy here, too? Probably. You saw how nuts everyone went over that unhygienic sprinkle pit.

At Artechhouse, you’re part of “XYZT Abstract Landscapes,” an exhibit by French digital artists Adrien M and Claire B. You can touch or step on or move around the 10 different installations inside the exhibit and manipulate them with your body. Please don’t get any gross ideas: We mean your hands, mostly.

Like this “Kinetic Sand” installation:

You are actually touching an algorithm here, one that gives you the impression that you’re feeling “the texture of a dynamic sand.” You don’t get that at the beach.

You can also manipulate a wall:


Or carve a path in this digital grass as you walk through it in “Field of Vectors”:

You get the idea. Or maybe you don’t. You’ll have to check out Artechouse and see for yourself.


Where: 736 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

When: Opens Dec. 8

Hours: Daily from 10 a .m.-10 p.m.; new session starts every 45 minutes

Tickets: $17 for kids 2-14; $20 for students, seniors and military; $24 adults;

Rendering created by dji camera