Book 'em: Emma Trelles

Emma @ Churchill's. Photo: Mindy Hertzon.

Emma Trelles is a Puschart Prize nominee for poetry and her poems and essays have appeared in publications like New Millennium Writings, OCHO, Gulf Stream, Newsday, the Miami Herald and Latina magazine. Her first book of poems, Little Spells, is due out this fall from MiPO Press. When she’s not scribbling, you might find her rocking out to The Gruntled or chilling out in a park she won’t tell us the name of, which inspired our own (plagiarized) poem, which starts like this: secrets, secrets are no fun…

Favorite Miami icon: Celia Cruz, her voice is true and full of the good tropical earth, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, because she helped preserve it. Fairchild Tropical Gardens: It’s a little Eden folded into a frenzied city.

Where you’d like to have your last meal:
La Carreta. If I was going to die, I might just start eating pork again. I couldn’t think of a better place to have it.

Best quintessential "Miami" story:
There are so many; I’ve lived in South Florida all of my life. How about when I went on the Colombus Day Regatta and saw a porno projected on the spinnaker sail of a boat? Or the time the sky above the 836 was perfectly divided by one thin seam: thunderheads and lightning to the left, bo-peep clouds and sunshine to the right.

Favorite Spanish phrase: How can I pick just one? There’s my childhood fave: Cuando la rana crí­a pelos y el manco dedos. Then there’s Ponte los patines – which tends to serve well most days. And for Miami traffic, the indispensable ¡Paragüero!

Miami wouldn’t be Miami without:
La Sagüesera. And walk up Cuban coffee counters.

Miami really needs: a real public transit system.

Event you look forward to every year and why: Miami Book Fair International – for a week I get to freely be the starry eyed book fiend that I am, meeting poets and writers whose works I’ve read and admired for years, buying loads of books for which I have no shelf space and catching up with fellow fiends. I’m with Jorge Luis Borges: heaven must be a kind of library. The Book Fair is a fusion of both.

Favorite hidden gem: There’s a county park in Hollywood that is very green and filled with quiet waters. You can canoe undisturbed by motorboats or tourists, or hike, or watch herons fish the eddies. Once we saw a family of baby raccoons playing between the mangroves. It’s a lovely place; I’m not telling where it is because I want to keep it that way.

Where you can be found on a Sat. night: At a rock show hearing one of the following bands: The Gruntled, Tongues of the Heartworm or Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers. Or at home eating chocolate covered cashews with Mark Zolezzi.

Trelles and other poets will read humorous poems from their collections 6 p.m. Sunday (April 13) at Books and Books, 265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables; 305-442-4408.