6 apps that make life in Miami easier

Ah, the smartphone, it has revolutionized our lives, giving everyone just about anything they might possibly need with just a few thumb types and a swipe. The Miami Herald app is another way to download the digital version of the paper and our very own Miami.com app is where to go for info on events, hidden spots, restaurants, concerts and things to do around Miami. And here are some others we suggest to make your life easier.

1. Pay by Phone

Gone are the days of lugging around change or attempting to find a working meter that accepts credit cards. The Pay by Phone app has eliminated that hassle since the account is tied to the payment of your choice (credit or debit) and only requires you to put in a number and choose the allotted time. It even texts to alert you when time is about to expire, which is your sign to add time to the meter or leave. Nifty and convenient.

2. Yelp Eat 24

You’re hungry but would rather not deal with the hassle of a loud restaurant or waiting for a table. That’s when the Yelp Eat 24 app comes in handy, to help feed your craving with the convenience of delivery. It features more than 30,000 restaurants and can easily find your favorites nearby. There are delivery charges but they are certainly less than a restaurant tip would be.

3. Uber and Lyft

You won’t even need your Pay by Phone app if you’ve got Uber or Lyft downloaded on your smartphone. These are the ideal choices for hitching a ride to and from anywhere and are great for where parking is a hassle (read: just about anywhere in Miami). There’s usually a driver just a few minutes away and to save on rides during peak times and to high traffic areas (which are always pricier and they’ll give you warning via the app) share a ride, it drops the price a few bucks.

4. Waze

826 and 836 commuters, this is the app for you (not that I-95 is a breeze but let’s face it, those two are the worst). Rely on this handy app to get you through your morning and afternoon commutes without a migraine. Waze shows you several routes to get you to your destination and tells you how long each will take. It also points out accidents, vehicles on the shoulder and cops (a great way to avoid a traffic violation or ticket), several minutes before you encounter them.

5. Miami Map and Walks

Using our cars or hitching rides (see Uber and Lyft) are the preferred mode of transportation around the Magic City. But if you would prefer to let your feet do the walking occasionally then the Miami Map and Walks app is a good option. It’s broken down by Sightseeing Walks (popular attractions and hidden gems), Discovery Walks (trendy streets and posh areas), and Custom Walks where you can create your own route and with the Saved Tracks you can save your Custom Walks. Plus, you can check out Travel Articles written by local writers.

6. Miami-Dade Transit Tracker

If you commute on Metrorail, Metromover, bus or a combination of any of them, this app could save you lots of time. Buses notoriously run late and movers and rails get delayed around Miami. Instead of sitting in the sweltering heat or pelting rain frustrated because your ride isn’t on time, use the tracker. Just open it up on your phone and get a handle on when to get ready and head out so you can waste less time waiting and more time riding and being punctual.