A Pair of Nuts returns to Miami for the South Beach Comedy Festival

Miami may not have The Groundlings or Second City to act as a never-ending source of talent for Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live, but we do have plenty of people who can bring the funny. Enter A Pair of Nuts. The comedic marriage between Cuban-American fraternity brothers Yamil Piedra and Johnny Trabanco has spawned hilarious Youtube videos like “Gay-O” (The mayonnaise for gays!), a short-lived (and Suncoast Emmy Award-winning) TV show El Vacilon that aired on MegaTV, and a multi-media sketch comedy show that defies explanation. The duo return to their old stomping grounds to perform as part of the South Beach Comedy Festival.

We catch up with The Nuts before their show.

Q: I saw the video of you guys being interviewed on NBC-6’s South Florida Today. Johnny, why do you let him treat you so badly?

J: He’s bigger than me. He’s intimidating.

Y: It’s a considerably larger person Johnny has to deal with. I’m 6’4” and he’s kind of like a hobbit.

J: That’s the type of stuff I have to put up with every day.

When did you guys first start making the Youtube videos?
Y: The first video we ever made was for our own amusement, before Youtube was around. It was called CK Egg.

J: Remember those ‘90s dark CK commercials that were really weird and sexy?

Y: It’s so old; it’s only on Myspace.  In 2006, when Youtube came out we started uploading. It’s something we would do to make the shows different. Most Improv shows have dead air between sketches.

J: The transition is smoother with the videos, it’s non-stop.

Q: Did you get any backlash from videos like Gay-O or Col-Gay?
Y: Not at all. If anything the gay and lesbian community have been very accepting.

J:  We even got featured in Edge, a local newspaper for the gay community.

Q: What’s in Gay-O?
Y: Mayonnaise with red food coloring. But what’s funny is we know some kids who go to Catholic schools who mix mayo and ketchup, but now they actually call it Gay-O.

Q: You guys participated in Vh1’s weight loss contest show Money Hungry and walked out in pink thongs. Did you feel nervous about showing off your cheeks?
Y: If you think the thongs were bad, wait till you see our live show. The pink thongs are nothing compared to that. If anything, it’s normal for us.

J: To me, when somebody has courage and they embrace who they are, it’s sexier. I’m a sexy guy.

Y: I think he’s sexy too.

Q: Talk to me about the tour you recently did across the U.S.
 Y: In the spring we did 21 colleges in 24 days. It’s funny how we started doing comedy in college and now we travel nationwide performing for college students. We also had a military tour, which really is one of the most gratifying things ever. 

Q: You guys have worked in Spanish on your show El Vacilon on MegaTV and your live show is in English. Which audience do you think gets A Pair of Nuts better?

Y: I think that for audiences that strictly only speak Spanish, it’s a little tougher to get what we do because they didn’t grow up with Saturday Night Live or In Living Color. Our show El Vacilon was very Americanized, it was our humor translated into Spanish. It was more targeted towards an audience that never watches Spanish television. If you think about it, the only people who watch Spanish television are our parents and grandparents.

Q: How does it feel to be a part of the South Beach Comedy festival taking place on your home turf?
Y: To be included with names like Lewis Black, Aziz Ansari and Jeffrey Ross, it’s a huge honor.
Q: What can people expect from your show?
J: Utter madness! Literally, it’s a comedy party. People go crazy, it’s a fun, crazy show. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It goes all over the place. We get into the crowd, the videos. It’s non-stop laughter.

Q: What’s Next for the Nuts?
 Y: We are showcasing at the 2012 NACA National Convention, the biggest organization that books talent for college campuses. We were also nominated for Entertainer of the Year and Best Comedy in Campus Activities Magazine’s 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards.

J: And we have a development deal to make a reality show this year. It’s in the works.

Y: Because of that, our show at the South Beach Comedy Festival will be the last one in Miami for a while.