A guide to shopping in Coconut Grove: A one-of-a-kind Miami experience

Maya Hatcha is an enduring ethnic boutique in Coconut Grove, run by Vivian Jordan since 1968.

There is no shortage of shopping options in Miami. But for a one-of-a-kind experience, Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood offers an eclectic mix of boutiques, specialty stores and pedestrian-friendly strip mall. At its entertainment hub, the Grove (as it’s called by locals) has walkable streets lined with places to dine, drink and shop.

Catch a movie at Cocowalk, where there are popular brands such as Gap and Victoria’s Secret, but also untraditional surprises. Visit Celestial Treasures to reconnect with your spirituality or The Bookstore in the Grove to catch up on the year’s bestsellers. Read more to learn about shopping in Coconut Grove.


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Cocowalk is an outdoor mall that brings together retail, dining and entertainment options, including 15-screen luxury movie theater Cinepolis. 3015 Grand Ave., 305-444-0777

Catch-A-Wave Surf Shop

Catch-A-Wave Surf Shop has all the gear a surfer could need, plus skate and ski equipment.


3015 Grand Ave.


Aesop, the skin and hair care shop, has a prime spot in the Grove.


2994 McFarlane Rd.

The Bookstore in the Grove

Customers browse in The Bookstore in the Grove.

The Bookstore in the Grove is a hub for book lovers.


3390 Mary St.

Celestial Treasures

Heather Camillo, left, a henna artist, draws a symbol representing the creation of the universe onto Jessica Enamorado, at Celestial Treasures in Coconut Grove.

Celestial Treasures is the go-to place for books about New Age spirituality, crystals, oils, herbs, tarot cards and incense.


3444 Main Hwy

Maya Hatcha

Maya Hatcha is an enduring ethnic boutique in Coconut Grove, run by Vivian Jordan since 1968.

Maya Hatcha sells a mix of ethnic clothing in natural fabrics, Indian tapestries, essential oils and jewelry.


3058 Grand Ave.

Pineda Covalin

Fotos Desfile Pinda Covalin Ericson

Pineda Covalin sells scarves, ties, shawls, ponchos and silk handbags inspired by Mexican and Latin American art.


3460 Main Hwy

TKS Coconut Grove

TKS Coconut Grove is the go-to place for all things you can do on a board — surf, kite, skate and paddle.


2990 McFarlane Rd.

Flying Lizard Boutique

Flying Lizard Boutique is where the yogis go to stock up on athleisure wear.


3162 Commodore Plaza

Isabel Riera

Isabel Riera is a boutique with feminine designs that go from casual to cocktail.


3444 Main Hwy. Suite #19

The Showroom

The Showroom is a decor and fashion emporium where a finely curated array of home accessories, handbags, jeans, tees and fine jewelry are showcased.


3133 Commodore Plaza


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