You can try a carrot hot dog when this plant-based restaurant opens

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UPDATE: Planta is set to make its US debut in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood on Thursday, Feb. 22 for its SOBEWFF dinner hosted by Chloe Coscarelli and Planta Chef David Lee. Regular dinner operations are to follow on Friday, February 23.

Carrot hot dogs and cauliflower tots are coming to the swanky South of Fifth neighborhood by way of Toronto.

The plant-based restaurant Planta opens its first U.S. location in early 2018, thanks to a partnership with nightlife entrepreneur-turned-restaurateur David Grutman. It’s his first plant-based endeavor.

But don’t call Planta a vegan restaurant.

“Vegan is more of a lifestyle. Plant-based is the diet,” Toronto co-owner Steven Salm told The Star’s restaurant critic Amy Pataki.

Opening at 850 Commerce Street, Planta features a healthyish menu that includes Cauliflower Tots, Coconut Ceviche with coconut in place of fish and the famous 18 Carrot Dog that looks like a dog but tastes like a carrot. Pataki swears it’s convincing.

It looks like a hot dog, but it’s a carrot. A freaking carrot!Steven Lee

But don’t worry, lovers of food that’s not entirely good for you. The menu includes deep-fried items.

All this healthy fare wouldn’t be the same without cocktails made just like the mixologists do in your fave hipster bar. At Planta, though, instead of egg whites, they might use chickpea water.

We asked Grutman, the purveyor of over-the-top hedonistic nightlife and  Asian restaurant Komodo, why he’s opening Planta.

“The world is changing, and people want to know what they are eating,not just for taste but for lifestyle,” he said.