What happened to Pawn Broker? One of downtown Miami’s best bars quietly closes.

Pawn Broker rooftop bar at The Langford hotel

Pubbelly’s steakhouses have been winners with diners and critics, but staying open in a location has been a different problem.

PB Station in the Langford Hotel, which ostensibly closed for “minor aesthetic renovations” in June, will not reopen, a spokesman said. And the rooftop bar by the same owners, Pawn Broker, which remained open for several months afterward, has closed as well. The rooftop bar is still currently operating, just under different management.

“They are currently seeking a space so as to relocate Pawn Broker. They are not affiliated with any concept currently operating at the hotel,” spokesman Larry Carrino said.

It’s a rare miss for the Pubbelly/Food Comma Hospitality Group. They have opened several Pubbelly Sushi restaurants after the success of the original Pubbelly Asian-Latin fusion restaurant in Sunset Harbour, where chef Jose Mendin earned five James Beard Award nominations for best chef in the South.

PB Steak was a lauded but short-lived steakhouse on Miami Beach, which also had issues with its landlord. PB Station was supposed to be the spiritual successor.

“After being open for more than a year, we would like to address some design modifications that we feel need to be made and will use the slower summer season to get this accomplished,” Juan F. Ayora, president of The Pubbelly Restaurant Group, said when it closed on June 23.

It was supposed to reopen last fall.

Quality certainly wasn’t the issue at PB Station. The Miami Herald scored it three out of four stars (Very Good) in June of 2017.

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