We visited Miami’s first Cat Café. And yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds

Cats are on one side, coffee shop customers on the other at the Cat Café. Between them, glass, a set of double doors and a high-efficiency air filtration system.

A look inside the Cat Café South Beach, where diners are separated by a double doors and a high-efficiency filtration system.

Squarely in the middle of Miami’s Venn diagram of cat lovers and coffee lovers is the new Cat Café South Beach.

It’s real, Miami.

In the works for over a year, it quietly opened Friday morning at 1423 Washington Ave. Just as renderings had promised, it’s part adoption center, part coffee shop, where you can buy pastries, gourmet Cindy Lou’s Cookies and locally roasted coffee while watching adoptable cats jump, climb and frolic on the other side of a thick, glass pane.

Celyta Jackson built the Cat Café South Beach when she saw the need to help get cats adopted in Miami-Dade county.

Between the two are double-glass doors and a high-efficiency air filtration system to make sure kitties and dander stay on one side and baked treats on the other. Before passing between areas, guests must disinfect their hands and wear plastic booties over their shoes.

Cats and kittens rollick in the room next door. They climb replicas of South Beach’s iconic life guard stations. They tight-rope-walk a scaffolding high above the room. And they jump and chase cat toys beneath a sunny, beach-themed mural.

Barista Richard Hankins also adopted a cat from the Cat Café South Beach.

Customers pay $15 to enter the cat area, where they can play with and adopt the animals. Proceeds go toward the cafe’s partner, Sobe Cats Spay and Neuter, to help control the feral cat population in South Beach. There’s no extra cost to watch from the cafe side while enjoying coffee ($2.60), Cindy Lou Cookies ($5), loaded tater tots ($3.50) or avocado toast ($8), among other options.

A set of double-glass doors separates the coffee shop from the cats on the other side.

More than 100,000 stray cats run rampant in Miami-Dade county, the Humane Society of Greater Miami estimates conservatively. Other volunteer organizations put the number at 150,000 in Miami Beach alone. About 15,000 cats are brought to Miami-Dade County Animal Services every year, while only about 3,000 are adopted.


Cat Café South Beach

Address: 1423 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

More info: CatCafeSobe.com