Under deconstruction: Christy’s

Wine list: 101. Graphic: Sam Riepe

Christy’s in Coral Gables is the kind of place that personifies the word “venerable.” They serve tons of their “signature” prime rib and a “trademark” Caesar salad. The Wall Street Journal even did a Power Tables spread last year to alert the “see-and-be-seen crowd” to grab tables B10, C1 and C15, which face the windows (“Hey look, they’re towing your Porsche, A-Rod!”). So it may come as a surprise that the good folks at Christy’s, to mark their 30th anniversary, have decided to shake things up this month with a short list of $30 Cellar Finds. I know what you’re thinking: “cellar finds” are usually “found” in the pile of “never-sells” and “over-the-hills.” But not here, not now.  

Let’s start with the two Cabernets: ’05 B.R. Cohn Silver Label and ’05 Bennett Family “The Reserve,” both from Napa Valley. The Bennet is rarely seen below $23 retail and has that California Cab glam that meshes well with the power brokers and their favorite cut of meat: filet mignon. Luckily, for the month of October, Christy’s is featuring a $30 three-course lunch or dinner with an 8 oz. filet as the centerpiece. There’s a great Merlot from Napa, the ’04 Burgess, which will also make that meat taste more succulent, and it retails for at least $20, and two Pinot Noirs from MacMurray Ranch (’06) and De Loach (’05) that are also bargains and great meat-pairing reds.

White wine lovers are also in luck. There’s the ’06 Groth Chardonnay (retails for around $30!), which is a great drinking wine and will taste even better with the lobster bisque, as well as the pan seared snapper, and the ’06 Hess Chard, which is a crowd-pleaser, a best-seller and might even be drunk alongside your “trademark” Caesar salad.  

Finally, a “special promotion” that actually contains loads of great buys. Perhaps some other restaurants should take note. And maybe we can convince Chris Klaic, managing director of Christy’s, to extend this wonderful offering to us locals for another month or two.

Published: 10/08

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