Time to give up your diet. Happy Place Donuts is opening a second location

Happy Place Donut will soon be serving Marshmallow Donuts and Happy Dough Balls at a new location.

Can there ever be too many doughnut shops? No. When it comes to doughnuts, the more the merrier.

That’s why we greet the news that Happy Place Donuts is opening at a new location with cheers (and a little bit of drooling, if we’re being honest).

Sweets and treats brand Sugar Factory will open a second South Beach location on Ocean Drive this November. There’s already a  Happy Place Donuts on Española  Way.

Here are some of the things you have to look forward to, should you venture inside:

And also this:

Other favorites you’ll find at the new shop:

Classic red velvet: With velvet crumble and chocolate sticks

Pina colada: Coconut flavored dough, toasted coconut flakes, cream cheese frosting and caramelized pineapple, then injected with pina colada

Pretzel leche: A brioche donut topped with dulce de leche glaze, pretzel pieces and dark chocolate drizzle

Disco Donut: A brioche donut topped with bubble gum glaze and edible glitter.

This Happy Place comes with an expanded menu, too. If doughnuts are too much for you, you can also be healthy and boring and build your own acai bowl or smoothies. For lunch, you can order arepas and sandwiches.

We’re sticking with the doughnuts, but you do you.

Happy Place Donuts

Where: 1144 Ocean Dr., Suite 106A, Miami Beach

When: November 2018

Parking: Street parking available in surrounding neighborhood