Think vegan, gluten-free food isn’t tasty? New Miami restaurant wants to prove you wrong

One of the bestselling items at Urban Green is a special veggie burger on bread made from coconut flour, with veggie mozzarella, avocado, mango salsa and arugula.

Nicolas Vicente wants you to know that eating gluten-free and vegan food does not mean you have to give up flavor.

No, really. It doesn’t, he says. And he hopes to prove it to you at Urban Green, his new restaurant in the Design District.

Urban Green, located at 4600 NE Second Ave., features what Vicente likes to call “healthy fast food.” That includes the ever-popular avocado toast (on gluten free bread, of course), salads, healthy burgers, grain bowls and snacks like kale chips.

Want dessert? There are  vegan brownies and even vegan ice cream.

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Sustainability is a key ingredient of Urban Green. Packaging materials are reusable and made from recyclable materials. Even delivery methods are eco-friendly: Electric bicycles are used for Design District deliveries. Ordering from Midtown, downtown or Brickell? An electric car will deliver your meal.

You order at the counter at Urban Green.


And if you show up on a bike, you get 10 percent off your meal.

“Our restaurant is a concept of life,” Vicente says.

The food at Urban Green is 90 percent organic, Vicente says, adding that Urban Green works with local farmers to highlight seasonal produce. Pets are welcome, and the cafe operates on a friendly BYOB policy.

 See? It’s not just for health nuts.

“It is designed for people who value a quality of life, people who play sports, work hard in the office or just want to feel good and full of energy,” Vicente says.

Electric bikes make deliveries around the Design District.
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Urban Green, 4600 NE Second Ave., Miami; open Monday-Sunday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; 786-953-6758/ 6792

4600 NE Second Ave., Miami

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