Taurus Steakhouse

Taurus Restaurant, a peruvian-style steakhouse in Tamarac is a family run business.

The bull’s head in the window signals that carnivores are king at Taurus, a prime destination for beef lovers. The Peruvian steakhouse in a Tamarac storefront serves superbly charred meat, from skewered anticuchos (beef hearts) to ultra tender filet mignon.  Taurus is reminiscent of an Argentine steakhouse, but the flavors, like the owners, are rooted in Lima. Dina, Carlos, Mario and Roberto Habaue learned a thing or two about grilling from their father, Eduardo, who owned five restaurants in Peru. Of Japanese heritage, Eduardo tweaked his dishes with Asian ingredients like ginger, soy sauce and miso. Armed with family recipes and fatherly advice, the four siblings opened their own place 18 months ago. Dina is at the restaurant full-time, but the others have kept their day jobs in fields including finance and marketing.

Ambience: Business is slow, but the Habaues are so friendly and eager to please that the restaurant feels warm and lively. The 40-seat dining room is decorated simply with dark woods, earth tones and art work playing on the bull theme. There’s a flat-screen TV, but the sound is off so it’s easy to ignore.

What Works

  • Warm rolls served with a fragrant chimichurri a spicy concoction of yellow peppers, scallions and queso fresco
  • Brochettes of grilled mushrooms
  • Flavorful, smoky shrimp (the only seafood here)
  • Delicious chorizo – tender & juicy sausage under a crisp, charred shell
  • Tasty, well-seasoned kidney slices smoky from the grill
  • Rotisserie chicken with delicious, crackly skin
  • Five small grilled lamb chops seasoned with ginger, garlic, rosemary, cilantro and soy sauce
  • Deft seasoning, well-crafted marinades and skillful cooking
  • Tender, super-juicy, garlic-scented churrasco
  • Parrillada platter piled with chorizo, blood sausage, kidneys, beef heart brochettes, beef, pork, lamb and rotisserie chicken
  • House salads with a light, lemony vinaigrette
  • Large canary beans with rice
  • Rich triple-chocolate cake from an outside bakery