South Beach is getting that New York pizza joint that has people lining up until 3 a.m.

Best. Pizza. Ever? You decide when Artichoke opens at Ricky's South
New York’s Artichoke Basille Pizza is the sort of place that makes people do crazy things, like stand in a massive line at 3 a.m. or fight with family members over whether or not it’s the best pizza in the city.
And soon, Miami Beach will get to experience the myth, the legend, the pizza, when Artichoke Basille opens its second location outside New York (there’s another location in Berkeley), within the whimsical nightspot Ricky’s South Beach at 1222 16th St. It’s slated to open July 20, according to a Ricky’s spokesman.
“We’ve been looking a for South Florida location for some time, and rather than create our own stand-alone shop, we are excited to take over the kitchen and culinary program at Ricky’s,” Eric Hower, partner in Artichoke Pizza, wrote in a release.
Opened in 2008 by cousins and besties Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, Artichoke got into the nightlife biz when the duo paired with club industry vets Noah Tepperberg and Jason Straus, who helped expand the place’s presence around the city.
Best. Pizza. Ever? You decide when Artichoke opens at Ricky’s South
Today there are 10 NYC locations of Artichoke Basille and, in addition to requisite appearances on best of best of best of food TV shows, the pizza place counts the likes of Momofuku mastermind David Chang and modern day Methuselah Keith Richards as fans.
And soon, Miami Beach will contribute to the growing Artichoke fan base, too. Or not. Let the pizza debates continue!