Soul Tavern vegetarian gastropub to open in South Beach's Sunset Harbour

Soul Tavern will focus on vegetarian and vegan fare. (Instagram)

Here’s a word combination you never thought you’d see: vegetarian gastropub.

If such a concept were to take off, it could only happen on South Beach, where Soul Tavern will offer “plant-based comfort food” in Sunset Harbour when it opens in November. The restaurant aims to offer a gastropub’s warm, hangout vibe with vegetarian and vegan fare.

Add in an other twist: Chinese herbal elixirs and cold-pressed juices as well craft beer, wine and sake as part of a health store. It’s bringing feng shui to its menu, where it says it will balance the elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water, according to Chinese traditions.

“We recognize that healthful food doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating,” Soul Tavern owner Jason Gordon writes in the official press release. “It doesn’t matter if you follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or not — there are no judgments at Soul Tavern. You’ll come in for a delicious meal or a tasty beverage and you’ll leave healthier and satisfied on all levels. And if you’re interested in going deeper with your wellness journey, we can help with that too.”

The menu includes 11 different pizzas, with ingredients such as ginseng, pomegranate, and lotus root, appetizers such as hemp-nut crusted edamame cakes and raw carrot bisque. Entres include yucca-crusted tofu quiche with coconut rice and even non-vegetarian items such as wood fire-roasted oyster mushroom tacos.

The gastropub is also part health shop with a juice bar. Gordon is said to have a doctorate degree in Chinese medicine and created a line of 37 Chinese herbal elixirs promising to aid with everything from lack of sleep to workout recovery.