Sorry, Heinz. Mayochup already exists and you can buy it in Miami

Heinz wants to charge you to eat ketchup and mayo together — but we've all been doing this for years.Heinz Twitter

Coming soon to a grocery store near you: Something you’ve been making at home for years.

Heinz thinks it invented something called mayochup, the combination of ketchup and mayonnaise. And if  that sounds good to (500,000 of) you, Heinz is promising, on Twitter, to bottle it and sell it to you.

Let’s set aside for a moment that mayochup sounds like a noise you make by accident. (Ay, sorry con excuse me!) Or that the internet is already voting to pay for this prepackaged product. (I voted no.)

The real point is people all over the world have been doing this (on purpose and by accident) for years. Russian dressing is mostly ketchup and mayo. Thousand Island dressing adds some relish.

In the Midwest they call it fry sauce. And they have different names for it all over Latin America. Argentines call it salsa golf. Colombians, salsa rosada. Puerto Ricans slather this on tostones, which just sounds delicious.

And, oh, what’s this? Our very own Goya already sells this, Heinz. It’s called … Mayo-Ketchup! And, naturally, you can find it at Publix.

What do you say, Miami, are you ready for Mayochup? Or do you just need Gas-X?