Publix subs are on sale for a limited time. You know where to find us.

What's your favorite Publix sub? We have to go with the chicken tender miracle.

Get hungry, Miami. Publix subs are on sale.

Everybody’s favorite subs – shut up, WaWa – are going for $5.99 for a whole sub. WE ARE TALKING A WHOLE SUB, PEOPLE! Not just the supernaturally delicious chicken tender subs (you can track when they go on sale here).

The sale lasts until Sept. 19, according to the chicken tender sub tracker, so really, you have time to try them all. You can order online or in person.

Excluded from the deal are subs with double meat, bacon, guacamole or hummus, according to  News4Jax.

We’re OK with this because we didn’t even know you could get guac on a  sub.