Now that's a Good Pie: Davie bakery does sweet and savory

Frank and Marti Reich photo by Linda Bladholm for the Miami Herald.

Pie is a must for the upcoming holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. A latticed cherry pie or chicken potpie can also make any day into a holiday if it is from The Good Pie Co., based in Davie. 

You get from-scratch, buttery-crusted whole pies without any additives. There are seasonal fruit pies, cream pies and main-dish savory pies, plus quiche.

Bakers Frank and Marti Reich met in elementary school in Miami Beach and became friends, marrying when they grew up. He became an electronic manufacturer and trucker, and she was a nurse for 30 years. 

They wanted a less stressful way of life and decided to turn Frank Reich’s pie-baking hobby into a business. Before embarking on the venture, they took a road trip from Miami to San Francisco, learning about pie and how to sell it. They noticed pie shops were missing in South Florida and opened last year.

The logo is a comforting hot mitt with a heart on it, fitting for a mom-and-pop operation in a commercial bakery they share with a cookie baker, selling their goods in a small retail shop. 

For harvest season there’s apple crumb, apple-cranberry, cherry, pecan, pumpkin laced with spices, pumpkin chocolate ganache and sweet potato. Or choose from banana, coconut, chocolate or peanut butter cream and lemon meringue. 

Savory pies include butternut squash with smoked Gouda, spinach and feta, Reuben (corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut) and vegetable potpie. All pies are sold whole by size: 4-inch individual pies, 6-inch medium pies and 9-inch larges. 

For Thanksgiving you can pre-order and pick up your pies before the big day. Other holidays, just call 48 hours in advance if you want a special order.

You can take credit for the pies, but it would be in the spirit of Thanksgiving to share your secret for good pie.

Linda Bladholm is a Miami-based food writer.