Mignonette, an Edgewater oyster bar by Blue Collar's Danny Serfer & Miami Rankings blogger Ryan Roman, opening in June

A bromance that began at Blue Collar has given birth to a new restaurant: Mignonette, the love child between Blue Collar chef-owner Danny Serfer and Miami Rankings mastermind, the Nate Silver of restaurants, Ryan Roman.

Expected to open sometime in June, the Old Florida meets New Orleans-style spot housed in a 1937 gas station will be big on flavors, simplicity, sass, smarts and Miami. There will be no deconstructed anything; “it will be reconstructed,” snarked Serfer.

As its name implies, this is an oyster bar, mostly, with a selection of east and west coast oysters. Serfer will be there shucking and, at times, there may even be guest shuckers. A few cooked oyster dishes will include Rockefeller and Bienville and there will be po’ boys. Some classic seafood dishes like clams casino, shrimp cocktail and crab cake also will be available. “We’ll be doing simple prepared fish dishes, an extensive list of veggie sides and a kickass prime rib,” Roman told us.

The restaurant’s wine list is being curated by Allegra Angelo, an Advanced Sommelier, and their beer list is being curated by Josh Hubner, a Certified Cicerone (that’s the beer equivalent of a sommelier).

As for the vibe, we won’t use that verboten word that begins with hip and ends in ster, nor will we use the two words that make up the name of this online column and pretty much every restaurant that picks a piece of basil from their windowbox, but the music playlist is being compiled by Lolo Reskin of Sweat Records and Imagesound Americas.

“We’re both into oysters and classic raw bar … and of course prime rib,” Roman says. “So we’re excited to share all that at Mignonette. Oysters are an aphrodisiac, the more you eat them, the more you love to eat them. We just want to have a place to eat cold seafood that’s fun, casual and has curse words on the radio.”

PS: Evoking sort of an ethical husband/wife privilege, Roman says that Blue Collar will no longer be eligible for his restaurant rankings.