Someone has hidden $1,000 cash in Miami. Can you find it?

Florida Treasure Hunts has hidden $1,000 in Miami. Whoever finds it also wins McDonald's breakfast for a year. The hunt begins at the Burger Museum at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 3.Florida Treasure Hunt

Finders keepers, losers … miss out on $1,000 and McDonald’s breakfast for a year.

Fans of scavenger hunts will love this one: A company called Florida Treasure Hunts has hidden $1,000 cash in Miami, with a series of seven clues leading up to the jackpot.

You find it, you keep it. No questions asked. Oh, and one more perk: Winner-takes-all includes McDonald’s breakfast for a year as part of their new promotion, #MorningsMadeRight.

“It started as a way to get kids off the XBoxes and get them outside,” said Bo Griswold, who founded the first treasure hunt in Colorado in 2012 with the local Big Brothers Big Sisters. “Then we noticed adults like hunting as much as the kids so it just took off.”

The treasure hunts have grown to half a dozen states. Griswold came into town to hide the first clue at Burger Beast’s Burger Museum, where the hunt will start Aug. 3 at 3:30 p.m.

Those who miss out might still get a chance at free Mickey D’s breakfast all month. At more than 180 South Florida McDonald’s, each restaurant will select two customers to get free breakfast through August.