Lights Out

Come Wednesday night, an group of SoBe restaurants is going pitch black, sending plates of cocoa-rubbed boneless ribeye and seared seabass to sightless customers served by waiters wearing night vision goggles. The event, coined Lights Out Miami Beach, is part of Ability Explosion, a week’s worth of events meant to bring awareness to disabilities.

A dozen restaurants are participating. Most are keeping the lights on, offering sleeping masks to diners. But a few (Catch 10 Seafood Bistro, Escopazzo, Indomania, Ola at the Sanctuary Hotel and The National Hotel) are truly dining in the dark.

Restaurants throughout Europe have for years provided dark dining experiences, and more recently the concept has spread to the states, the idea being that the body’s other four senses are heightened when sight disappears. Servers at Ability Explosion participating restaurants have received training on how to work in the dark from the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind, and Ability Explosion liaisons are to be posted at participating locations.

Click here for a list of participating restaurants.