Kuro Japanese restaurant is for straight-up bosses

Kuro's salmon and tuna nigiri is served in a beautiful setting that best saved for post tax-return dining.

I was not planning to visit the Seminole Hard Rock Casino until I found out that Kuro, a fine dining Kaiseki style Japanese restaurant known for its well-calibrated and multi-course meals, had recently opened within the casino.

But pay attention: This place is a post-income tax type of joint. The styling and decor of this restaurant were nothing short of beautiful.  The ambiance literally sets the scene before you sit down.

The Hokkaido scallops had a strong ginger essence, a slight sweetness and an incredible deep umami flavor.Corey Davis Photography

A true lover of Japanese cuisine, I found myself ordering a little more than usual. I had been eyeing the Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi ($16) for some time, and eventually gave in. These delicious scallops were uniquely tender and had a strong ginger essence, a slight sweetness and an incredible deep umami flavor. A domestic scallop provides a silky, almost custard-like delicate texture while Hokkaido scallops have a dense, steak-like flavor profile. 

I started my meal with an assortment of Nigiri ($25), and was very pleased. It’s been a lil minute since I had great sushi, and my palate welcomed this delicious assortment of rice, vinegar and fish.  And Lobster Tempura ($27), that was simply glorious. Request some tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce), to give the lobster a nice kick in flavor.

I enjoyed my visit to Kuro, and will be back next year, when my income tax comes in.  Seriously, this place is for ballers. Do not come up in here if you’re on a budget or so hungry, you can go up twice in line at Golden Corral.

Kuro at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

1 Seminole Way, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 327-7625