Is this ‘sushi cake’ what you’ll be serving at your next Miami party? Hai, yeah, it is

The Sushi Cake at Krudo Fish Market

Krudu Fish Market in North Miami Beach is for the adventurous seafood lover.

Pick out a fresh whole fish and plan to take it home, maybe boil a giant grouper head and pick out the cheeks and other tender tidbits — other customers may haggle you for it. This fish market has whole specimens and fillets on crushed ice on display.

There’s plenty of fresh choices along with a market with gourmet kosher products. Fridge cases hold pickled herring with pistachio or jalapeño and pouches of sauces made in-house, including ginger, poppy Dijon or cilantro hummus.

Fresh Fish is the Dish

A poké bowl at Krudo Fish Market

Availability depends on what various vendors have. There is usually local red snapper, branzino from Spain, Turkey or Greece raised in ocean pens, flounder and trout farm-raised in Colombia.

Have your choice filleted while you wait and get the head, scraps and bones if you want to make stock. Fillets include blue fin tuna, Chilean sea bass and cod flash frozen on the boat. Fresh fillets include Faroe Island salmon, Chilean salmon, mahi mahi, boneless golden corvina steaks and yellow fin tuna caught off the coast of Venezuela.

Salmon and vegetables skewered on rosemary sprigs at Krudo Fish Market

There are also kabobs of salmon, peppers and onions skewered on sprigs of rosemary, perfect for the grill. Thick patties of ground tuna, mahi and salmon are perfect for grilling, pan-frying or broiling at home. Ask, and they’re happy to grill the patties for you on site.

Sushi, Poke And Platters

Tuna tataki at Krudo Fish Market

Order sushi or a poke bowl and you can have it to or enjoy it at the counter along the front window.

Bases for the bowls include white or brown rice, quinoa and spiral-cut zucchini noodles. Then select a protein— ahi tuna, salmon or white fish. Then choose from avocado, veggies, shittake mushrooms, edamame, slaw and wakame seaweed. Toppings like toasted nori, crispy onions and sesame seeds add crunch.

The Tropical sushi roll could double as a savory-sweet dessert. It is rolled with mango and salmon and white fish salad, topped with avocado and coconut shreds, drizzled in guava sauce.

The Patacon is a Latin-influenced roll with tuna and avocado wrapped in fried plantain with spicy tuna in cilantro dressing. Folks also come here to pick up platters of gravlax and salmon, tuna tataki and carpaccio. One special item is the Sushi Cake. It’s layers of rice, salmon and tuna, decorated for your next party. Just order before Saturday when kosher restaurants are closed.

Krudo Fish Market & Restaurant

Address: 17092West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach

Contact: 786-440-5483,

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Prices: Rolls $12, poke bowls $13, fish burgers $8, platters $17-$30, sushi cake $37, fish are market price