How to live your life according to a Twitter account just for pizza

If you love pizza as much as is humanly possible, you’ve got to follow @tweetlikepizza on Twitter. Sure, it may look like a silly account, but with more than 153,000 followers, @tweetlikepizza has to be doing something right. Plus, there’s a lot to learn from pizza and pizza lovers. In honor of #NationalPizzaDay, here are nine ways to get your life right, according to a Twitter account dedicated to the love of pizza:

1. First and foremost: We are not here for you if you don't like pizza

Sorry, not sorry.

2. Never trust what you see in the magazines

Beauty standards are cheesy.

3. It's OK to be open and comfortable with your sexuality

You can get a bunch of pizza memorabilia here.

7. Take time to heed your health

This food pyramid should help.