His beer pouring skills were called a ‘work of art.’ But in Miami, we’ve known that for years.

Harald Neuweg at the Warsteiner Perfect Pour competition in Las Vegas which he won. (Handout)

Harald Neuweg, owner of Coral Gables brew hub Fritz & Franz, has Jedi Master level beer pouring skills.

Don’t believe us? The Austria native won the Warsteiner Perfect Pour Off competition for the second year in a row.

This time, he won an all-expenses-paid trip to Berlin which includes a trip to the Warsteiner Brewery located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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How did he win? First he finished in the top three of the online competition. That won him a spot in the Perfect Pour finals in Las Vegas. The contest in Vegas was made up of three rounds. The first two were judged on cleanliness and technique of the pour. Then, for the third and final pour they had to wow a room of invited guests. That’s when Neuweg brought on the charm.

“I sang, told a joke and was dressed in a black vest and crisp white shirt,” Neuweg said. “Plus, I was able to achieve the perfect pour using the handle just three times, as was dictated by the contest rules.”

Neuweg explained, “When I was asked how long I practiced for the competition I told them I’d been practicing for the last 40 years. It’s really because I love the Warsteiner brand and I saw the entire event not just as a competition but as a fun weekend party.”

Harald Neuweg proudly displays his perfect pour that won him the Warsteiner Perfect Pour competition. (Handout)

Brian Reames, Warsteiner USA Vice President of Marketing declared that Neuweg’s final pour of the night “was a work of art.”

Neuweg knows the Warsteiner brand well.  He serves several types of Warsteiner brews at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus, which he opened in 2003 (named after that Saturday Night Live sketch) as an homage to the beer halls of Munich.

Neuweg proudly holding up Warsteiner drafts at his Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables. (Handout)

At Fritz & Franz, it is basically Oktoberfest year round, but their 10-day  Oktoberfest celebration is one of the most celebrated in Miami. It continues through Oct. 15 and this year he’s doing a 14-meter apple strudel, to celebrate Fritz & Franz’s 14 year anniversary.

Neuweg also sells Oktoberfest mugs which can hold one liter of golden beer for $22. They’ve got the Fritz & Franz logo emblazoned in red. Imagine filling that giant thing up with cold Warsteiner during his Oktoberfest celebration. It will probably be the cleanest pour you’ve ever seen.