Here’s why this new restaurant is the coolest thing to happen at Zoo Miami. Literally.

Nourish 305 is the first enclosed fast casual dining at Zoo Miami. That means air conditioning.

Zoo Miami has been a hot spot since it opened in 1948. No, really more like a sauna that makes you want to jump into the water with the otters.

But now, 70 years past due, the zoo has opened its very first indoor, air-conditioned restaurant, and for anyone who has been to the Zoo anytime between April and November, this is the greatest news ever.

Don’t throw yourself in this pond. There is air conditioning ahead where you can cool off.

Nourish 305 serves made-to-order salads, flatbreads, and sandwiches with a selection of craft beers from local brewer, MIA Beer Company. The restaurant also boasts Insta-worthy views of the Florida:Mission Everglades exhibit.

She’s not even sweating.

The restaurant is located close to the zoo’s entrance and boasts a design inspired by Miami’s trendy Wynwood district, with street art designs by David Le Batard (Lebo) inspired by the zoo’s Everglades exhibit.

See that silver tube on the roof? That’s AC, peeps.

Did we mention air conditioning? The zoo is home to over 3,000 animals who can handle the heat. We humans aren’t one of them.