Here’s the deal with that FPL food loss claim form

Lineman Titus Beaumonan, with Pike company working with FPL reconnects a main power line at the intersection of !37 Ave and 140 Street in Kendall a day after Hurricane Irma left South Florida heading to the West coast, on September 11, 2017.

Sorry, Miami, but Florida Power & Light isn’t really going to pay for that old rotten food inside your refrigerator.

An online form on FPL’s website started making the rounds on social media Friday promising customers could file a $200 claim for food that spoiled during power outages caused by Hurricane Irma.

The first sign of trouble: The wording at the top of the form stated “Claims submitted for FOOD LOSS as a result of Hurricane Irma” in red letters.


Immediately below, in the next sentence (also in red): “FPL is not responsible for food loss.”

So what gives?

Blame it on the workload. FPL spokesperson Bud Fraga said the company, in an attempt to be as clear as possible with customers, wound up confusing them instead.

“We apologize for the confusion to our customers, but no utility in Florida reimburses customers for lost food from a hurricane,” Fraga said.

The company addressed the error via Twitter on Friday afternoon.


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