Doughnuts and Korean fried chicken are coming to Wynwood

Federal Donuts - come for the free donut, stay for the Korean bbq chicken.

Coffee, donuts and fried chicken: One of these things is not like the other, but Federal Donuts fans like it that way.

And now Wynwood is about to learn what all the fuss is about as the award-winning Philadelphia-based restaurant opens its first spot outside of the City of Brotherly Love tomorrow at 7 a.m.

The idea of bringing together these disparate comfort foods made the restaurant a runaway success when it opened in 2011, with lines out the door for their doughnuts from the first day. It was the brainchild of James Beard Award-winning chef Mike Solomonv and investment banker-turned-chef Steve Cook, who was raised in Miami.

Miami has seen its share of gourmet doughnuts piled high with creams and toppings, but Federal Donuts promises a simpler confection.

“A lot of doughnuts out there are more at home in a pastry shop, but that’s not what I want to eat with my morning coffee,” Cook said, “These are more old-school doughnuts.”

But that doesn’t mean the doughnuts are simple in flavors. Solomonov, who has won back-to-back James Beard Awards for his cookbooks, creates cake doughnuts with layered flavors, such as strawberry-lavender, hot cocoa and churro. Yet the prices range from $1.50 a doughnut for one of three simple flavors to $2.50 for one of their fancier creations. The two have even collaborated on a new book, “Federal Donuts: The (partially) true spectacular story,” due out in September.

The new Federal Donuts cookbook will be released Sept. 26, 2017.

Why add chicken to the mix? Because the owners wanted to. They enjoyed double-fried Koren-style chicken as they were first coming up with their doughnut-shop concept, and it gave them something to sell after traditional doughnut hours. They’ll start offering their chicken at 11 a.m., in time for lunch.

In Wynwood, they’ll also sell local craft beer in bottles and cans, along with Philly-based Victory Brewing beers, to pair with their tangy chicken wings.

Federal Donuts

250 NW 24th St., Miami