No need to feel guilty at the friendly EVOS.

For those who have wolfed down a Big Mac or Whopper only to burn with regret two minutes later, there is now EVOS. The beef is hormone- and antibiotic-free at this fast-casual, Tampa-based franchise that recently opened its first South Florida location in Pinecrest. Fries are air-baked, not deep-fried. The shakes are made from organic milk and sugar. And contrary to the notion that healthy means “tastes like cardboard,” this place packs flavor. Prices are slightly higher than burger chains but half that at many gourmet burger joints.

The steak burger, a -1/3-pound patty on a soft white bun, had a nice grilled taste that won over my burger-loving daughter. The skinny, peel-on “fries” were slightly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, perfect for dipping in the four specialty ketchups (garlic and mesquite were favorites).
The “champion burger” had the taste and texture of a Boca Burger plus generous fixings of red onion, lettuce, tomato and Cheddar cheese. There’s also a veggie burger, salads with organic greens, a fruit bowl and veggie chili as well as creative wraps like crispy Thai trout and chopped steak.
Kids 12 and under can choose baked chicken strips, a grilled beef hot dog, the soy burger or a steak burger (same size as the adult’s) for $5.29. Milkshakes and smoothies can be doctored with protein, vitamins and other nutritional supplements for an extra 49 cents.

EVOS, which is derived from the word “evolve,” is trying to advance the fast-food industry by offering good-for-you food with no trans fat or processed ingredients. Lights in the bathroom turn on and off automatically to conserve energy, packaging is made from recycled paper and menus are printed with soy-based inks. What’s more, service was patient, friendly and thoughtful. Now that’s evolution.