Enrique Iglesias’ Miami Beach restaurant is closing – for now

Just three months ago we announced that swoon-worthy soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo joined the long list of celeb partners – Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Spurs player Pau Gasol and tennis titan Rafael Nadal – in ‘ownership’ of the flashy Spanish South Beach spot TATEL.

TATEL opened in the classy Ritz-Carlton South Beach space in January 2017. But Hurricane Irma did not discriminate when she blew into town, and so the Ritz-Carlton was shuttered for repairs.

TATEL, which was back online quickly after the storm, held on for as long as it could. But Wednesday, the restaurant closed, a rep tells us. But not for good.

Power outages and a fire exit blockage due to a new phase in the hotel’s construction prompted the Madrid-based ownership, Mabel Capital, to shutter TATEL  immediately. The restaurant will be closed until next winter when the Ritz-Carlton is slated to reopen.

“They are committed to their current location and look forward to being part of what will be an all-new Ritz Carlton property,” PR rep Hadley Henriette said.

 TATEL won’t be sitting idly, though. The restaurant is opening two new locations – in Beverly Hills and the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia – in 2018.

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