Pot-smokers can celebrate 4/20 at this Coral Gables restaurant

Cap'n Crunch pancakes were among Eating House's 4/20 dinner last year. This year, croquetas and waffles supplant them.

Eating House’s Instagram comments are littered with forgetful stoners who didn’t make reservations in time for last year’s annual 4/20 pot-inspired dinner.

So this year, chef Giorgio Rapicavoli made it easier for his herb-loving fans. The annual dining event, now in its sixth year, will be available at the Coral Gables restaurant from noon until 10:30 p.m. Thursday, the unofficial pot-smokers holiday which takes place every year on April 20. (Though some would say any day at 4:20 p.m. is fair game.)

“All day event, we can’t screw up!” one commenter wrote.

Rapicavoli, a Westchester native, delights in making rich, flavorful munchies for those with the munchies — marijuana-fueled or otherwise. His flavor combinations are said to hit the spot. He has advocated for legalizing marijuana on his Instagram pages, including last November’s successful medical marijuana bill, with the hash tag (no pun intended) #legalizeit.

This year’s menu will be served family-style. The range from T-bone steaks with cheese, eggs and (welp!) Welch’s grapes; gyro nachos with tzatziki sauce; tater tot poutine with a soft-egg gravy and smoked bacon; croquetas and waffles and a “special” blondie with Dutch Masters caramel and roasted banana.

The event sells out quickly. Even celebrity status won’t get you a table ahead of a paying local, as Jon Weiner, the co-host of ESPN radio’s “Dan LeBatard with Stugotz” found out last year. Reservations can be made at the restaurant’s website, www.eatinghousemiami.com or through the smartphone app and website Resy.