Trade in a can of your terrible beer for this craft beer

Coppertail Brewing in Tampa will trade you one of your mass-produced beers for their Independent pilsner this summer.Handout

Coppertail Brewing wants to give a pass to Miami’s Budweiser and Miller beer drinkers.

The Tampa craft brewery is bringing its Industrial Beer Amnesty Program to Miami, exchanging a can or bottle of mass-produced beer for one of their Independent pilsners — all brewed, bottled and distributed in Florida. They started the program in their Tampa taproom last year and are now taking it on the road.

“We ran the program in our tasting room which was the official debut of our Independent, a German pilsner craft brew and our summer seasonal,” said Will Isaacson, Coppertail’s director of sales. “We thought it would be a cool way to bring people in to sample a craft brew that was similar to a mainstream beer they liked.”


It’s the same concept in Miami. On select dates, anyone 21 years or older can bring in their favorite mainstream beer for a trade up to a bottle of Independent.


As they’ve grown to a state-wide distributed brand, they were working on “how we could take this all across markets in Florida and bringing our beer to people unable to come to our tasting room,” said Isaacson.

They also want you to know their beer is the definition of locally sourced. Beer aficionados “need to know Coppertail’s beer has been brewed, bottled, packaged and shipped by us and nowhere else outside Florida,” he said.

Coppertail brews are fully produced and shipped from their Tampa brewery. (Facebook)

Isaacson, a University of Miami graduate school alum who calls Miami his second hometown, is very familiar with the craft brew scene in Miami, particularly in Wynwood.

“We flew out our label artist Evan Harris to Miami during Art Basel last year where he painted a mural on 29 Street in Wynwood,” said Isaacson.

The ultimate goal of all this? “To convert all beer drinkers to craft brews,” he said.

Keep an eye on Coppertail’s Facebook page for future sites of the trade-in program.

Here’s where the program is happening:

July 15 from noon to 3 p.m. at Total Wine & More, 1139 5 St., Miami Beach

July 18 from 7-9 p.m. at Little Havana’s Union Beer Store, 1547 SW 8 St., Miami 

July 21 4-6 p.m., Total Wine & More, 8851 SW 136 St., Miami