Chef Jeremiah's swinesational P.I.G. 5 lineup announced!

Chef Jeremiah’s P.I.G. fest needs no porky puns, just a lineup, which has been released to us. The event, taking place from 3 to 7 p.m. on Nov. 16 at an “undisclosed location in Wynwood,” will feature a stellar selection of chefs from near and far. They are:

Conor Hanlon/The Dutch Miami

Jamie DeRosa/Tongue & Cheek

Todd Erickson/Haven

Brad Kilgore/J&G Grill (for now)
Giorgio Rapicavoli/Eating House

Mike Pirolo/Macchialina 

James Strine/Cafe Boulud, Palm Beach

Kyle Foster/Colt & Gray Denver, CO
Jeremiah Bullfrog/gastropod
BlackBrick, Ms. Cheezious and Taquiza will provide a snack session.
Tickets will be on sale soon, says the chef, but feel free to stalk the website daily for updates