Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog's pet project, PICKLEpeoples, wants you!

Miami food fanatics already know about Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog’s PICKLEpeoples project. Say that ten times fast. Proselytizing pickles isn’t an easy or inexpensive thing to do, so to help promote the cause, Bullfrog and co. have teamed up with Kickstarter to raise funds for the cured cukes and come up with this retro kitschy little video seen below–jingle written and performed by Steph Taylor and animation and editing by none other than the chef himself. 
“We want to drive home the kickstarter promotion as being a great way to buy our pickles before anyone else,” Bullfrog told us. “This is really a pet project.” But why pickles? “There is a huge gap in fermented foods in South Florida.Our fixation is about using technology and cutting edge techniques to streamline a time honored tradition. It’s a small start up that is getting a lot of our love lately.The goal is to Proudly Provide Proper Pickles, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, sometimes packed with a little heat.” Sing that ten times fast.