Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog of gastroPOD debuts in Rick Ross commercial for Reebok

Check out Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog of gastroPOD and former Freehand fame (he’s outta there and will be hosting a podBrunch from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, March 24 at Gab Studio in Wynwood), in his TV debut in Rick Ross’s new Reebok commercial. Some may say the chef and the rapper are brothers from another mother — or at least the same beard. Bullfrog, who has been dubbed the hip hop chef, agrees, saying, “They call me the white Rick Ross.”

As for his next move after his departure from The Broken Shaker, Bullfrog can’t comment on record as per his agreement and a Freehand spokesperson would only say he’s “no longer with the property,” but we’re sure he’ll be popping up somewhere, be it on TV, in his POD, splashing around in a vat of brine, in the VIP section with Rick Ross, or a kitchen near you. Stay tuned.